America Needs More Uncle Toms

In the novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin Uncle Tom was a black slave who saw himself—not as a slave, but as a servant and representative of Jesus Christ. He was honest and trustworthy and kind and intelligent, a good husband and father, and talked of God’s mercy and grace through the Lord Jesus Christ. At the end of Uncle Tom’s life, his slave master told him that he would kill him if he would not reveal the whereabouts of two runaway black slave women. But Tom was not afraid of his so-called master, nor of death because, “He felt strong in God to meet death, rather than betray the helpless.”

The slave master savagely struck Tom down; and as he was dying, he asked God to forgive the slave master and two of Tom’s fellow slaves who had hated Tom and were jealous of him, and had earlier whipped Tom gladly at the command of their master.

Uncle Tom’s dying words was that they all might turn to Christ—which caused the two fellow slaves to turn to Christ and to become real and genuine ‘Uncle Toms’—no longer slaves of sin and pride and hatred and jealousy.

America needs more black and white slaves of sin and pride and hatred and jealousy to become real and genuine Uncle Toms.


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